Easy Reach is excited and proud to offer a range of scaffolding-related products, that we have found through our experience of 20 years to be the best available in terms of quality and value.

If there are other items that you are interested in, but don’t see listed, please call and ask one of our knowledgeable staff members for assistance.

PLEASE NOTE: POA = Price on Application.

Scaffold Tags

Scaffold Tags are used to provide valuable safety information to all users of your scaffold, and are required by many builders and site managers.

After becoming frustrated with the durability of plastic scaffold tag holders, we have developed our own using galvanized sheet metal to ensure a long trouble free life. We have been so happy with their performance that we have decided to offer them to our customers, at a price that compares very favourably to the plastic alternatives.

Single set: $POA

Pack of 10 sets: $POA

Each set comprises a scaffold tag holder, a re-writable scaffold tag insert, and a cable tie to attach to the scaffold.


Steel Strapping

Steel strapping is the standard method used by the scaffolding industry for securing loads (especially steel boards) due to its low cost, simplicity and effectiveness.

Steel straps are placed around the load, tightened with a tensioner and secured with a clip, using a sealer.

  • Roll of steel strapping (200m): $POA
  • Sealer: $POA
  • Tensioner: $POA
  • Clips (per 1000): $POA (not pictured)
  • Steel Dispenser: $POA

Discounts apply to bulk orders


Irwin Aviation Snips

These snips are constructed with a cold-form manufacturing process that increases blade strength by 44% and requires 25% less cutting force. The over-moulded ProTouch grips will not twist, tear or slip off. They are injection-molded over 12-gauge steel spines for increased rigidity and less flexing. Each pair of aviation snips includes a long-life spring for greater durability and reliability.

A protective latch allows one-handed opening and closing. The design reduces the hand span by 10%. The line is offered with a lifetime guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship. They are available in straight cut and we have found them to be of excellent quality.

Irwin Aviation Snips: $POA


Cable ties

Nylon cable ties are used to attach scaffold tags or shadecloth to scaffolding, and have numerous other uses around your site. They are 300mm x 4.8mm UV resistant.

Pack of 100: $POA

Images for illustration only – not to scale


Scaffold Tools

  • 21-24 Scaffold Ratchet (“Scaffold Key”): $POA
  • 117g Podger Hammer: $POA
  • Scaffolder’s Magnetic Tipped Tape Measure, 8m: $POA
  • Level: $POA
  • Scaffold belt with Frogs – Genuine leather – includes five frogs and one pouch: $POA
  • Belt only: $POA
  • Individual Frogs: $POA


Orange Barrier Mesh

50m Roll (8kg): $POA

Discounts apply to bulk orders.

Shade cloth

Monofilament knitted Shadecloth comes with a 3 year manufacturers warranty. Independent tests ensure compliance with Australian Standards for shade and strength levels. These fabrics are suitable for commercial applications, for the use on scaffolding around construction sites. It is also eyeleted top and bottom for easy installation.

Shade Cloth is also available with your logo although it is an additional cost. Please call us to discuss your requirements. 1.8m x 50m Roll. (50% HQ weave): $POA Discounts apply to bulk orders.

Timber Bearers

Pine, to suit a 5 wide pack of steel boards (1150x75x45mm): $POA

Discounts apply to bulk orders.