Easy Reach can supply a full range of vertical load-bearing props (“Acrow”-type props) for sale or hire.


We offer extremely competitive pricing for prop sales.

Size Closed length Closed loading Closed loading Open length Open loading Open loading
No.4 3.20m 3029kg 29.8kN 4.74m 1179kg 11.5kN
No.3 2.59m 3629kg 35.5kN 3.83m 1905kg 18.6kN
No.2 1.98m 3629kg 35.5kN 3.35m 2223kg 21.8kN
No.1 1.6m 3629kg 35.5kN 2.6m 2767kg 27.1kN
No.0 1.26m 3629kg 35.5kN 1.82m 2994kg 29.3kN

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We offer extremely competitive pricing for prop hire. Props are hired for a minimum of two weeks. We can usually have props on your site the following working day.

Size Closed length Closed loading Open length Open loading
No.4 3.3m 29.8kN 4.8m 11.5kN
No.3 2.5m 35.5kN 3.9m 18.6kN
No.2 1.9m 35.5kN 3.3m 21.8kN
No.1 1.6m 35.5kN 2.6m 27.1kN
No.0 1.0m 35.5kN 1.9m 29.3kN


  • It is the user’s responsibility to make sure the correct prop is being used.
  • Have your engineer check that the appropriate weight loadings for the length prior to erection or ordering.
  • Easy Reach will not accept any responsibility for incorrect placement or installation of props.
  • Any alteration to, or interference with the prop may affect its structural capabilities. No alterations should be made to the prop unless proper engineering calculations have been undertaken to establish that the structureal integrity of the prop will not be affected.
  • Easy Reach’ permission must be obtained prior to any alteration of any kind.

Pick up

  • Stillages must be accessible by Crane Truck.
  • Damaged props must be separated, not forced closed.
  • Props must be neatly stacked in stillages (maximum 40 per stillage).
  • Hire remains on all outstanding equipment until returned.

A run of props may need to be braced horizontally and diagonally – subject to the Engineers design 


Galvanised props