Safety Screens

Easy Reach Truck Safety Screens provide a temporary fall prevention system, enhancing staff safety and fulfilling OHS requirements.

They are lightweight and have locking castors, and can easily be manoeuvred alongside truck trays – even if there is limited space. They are secured to the truck with built-in chains to provide a sturdy barrier that meets the Australian Standard (AS 1657-1992) for fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders.

The Safety Screens have been designed to stack together compactly when not in use.

Easy Reach Scaffolding Melbourne for Truckdek manufactured to comply with Australian standards and Worksafe prevention of falls in the transport of steel with Truck Loading platforms, truck fall protection, truck scaffolding safety platforms and truck screens


Truck Screens and Truck Loading Platforms for Truck fall protection - Easy Reach Scaffolding Melbourne

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