Stair Access

Easy Reach can supply premium stair units which are replacing ladders to meet Occupational Health and Safety requirements. They are fully compatible with the K Stage modular scaffolding system. Labour becomes much more productive when labourers can walk up stairs carrying their tools and materials.

Stair Access Towers offer a safe and practical means of access to roofs, mezzanines, and most elevated work areas.

They are able to be configured with two stair units side-by-side, providing a double-width “stretcher” stair access where greater traffic is expected or where it may be necessary to safely extricate an injured worker in the event of an accident.

Easy Reach’ Stair Units are fully welded to Australian Standards AS 1576-1, AS1657. They are available in 2.0m, 1.5m and 1.0m rises.

Pictured is a typical “stretcher / double stair access” tower with a top landing height of 12 metres.