Easy Reach Transport

Our fleet consists of crane trucks, flat tray trucks, all-terrain forklifts and utes, and allows flexibility in accessing difficult sites and safe and fast loading. Plus, you can be assured that the equipment is being transported safely and securely by our friendly, knowledgeable and experienced drivers.

Delivery and pick up is available across metropolitan Melbourne and beyond by special arrangement.

For pick-up, all equipment must be clean and stacked in stillages. Planks should be stacked 5 wide by 10 high on bearers. 48 hours’ notice must be given for each pick-up. Pick-ups are subject to a yard count.

Customer Transport

If supplying your own transport, please confirm with Easy Reach the appropriateness of your vehicle for your order. Please notify Easy Reach of the time of a return.

Issues to consider include; overhang, weight, ability to secure load and ability to load your order by forklift.

If picking up your order with your own transport, we require that you secure your load according to VicRoad’s Load Restraint Guide. We reserve the right to not load a vehicle, or to prevent a vehicle being loaded, as Easy Reach is part of the Chain of Responsibility of safe loading. Easy Reach usually has ropes and other restraints for sale if they are required for transporting your load.