Aluminium Mobile Tower Assembly Instructions

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Aluminium Mobile Tower Safe Working Loading: 225kg

See also Worksafe FAQs: Tower-frame scaffolds

  1. Insert two adjustable leg castor assemblies into a frame. Allow 100mm of leg adjustment. If necessary, tighten the small nut at the top of the leg to ensure a firm grip onto the frame. Lock the castors. Repeat with a second frame.
  2. Clip horizontal braces (with yellow bands) onto the sides of one frame. The frame will now be self supporting. Clip the other end of the horizontal braces to the sides of other frame. Horizontal braces are to be placed at every platform level as guardrails.
  3. Clip a plan brace (with black bands) horizontally at base of frame between diagonal corners. Clip four diagonal braces (with white/blue bands) in opposite directions as shown. Adjust legs to level the tower.
  4. Add the next level of frames. Use a platform as a temporary deck to aid assembly.
  5. Add diagonal braces as shown. Position another platform on the mid rungs of the second level of frames. Always climb on the inside of the tower. Add further diagonal braces and frames until desired height is reached.
  6. Clip horizontal braces on the two rungs above the deck, to act as guardrails. Fit toeboards. Add ladder through hatch deck if supplied.

For all free standing Aluminium Mobile Towers, the working platform must not be higher than three (3) times the smallest base dimension.

You will require a scaffolder’s licence if there is a fall height greater than 4 metres.

Always lock wheels prior to use. Always level scaffold with adjusting wheels. Do not move the scaffold if anyone is on it.

Aluminium towers, when properly erected and used, provide safe and convenient places of work. Particular care may need to be taken to ensure stability, especially when windy or gusty conditions prevail; eg counter weight the tower base, use outriggers, tie to a stable structure etc.

Easy Reach Recommends these safe work practices:

  • Ensure stability in windy or gusty conditions
  • Always ensure that the tower is level by adjusting screw jacks
  • Do not overload the tower
  • Access and egress working platforms via the ladders supplied, through hatch decks. Keep hatch deck closed at all other times.
  • Ensure that toe boards and handrails have been fitted.
  • Do not exceed safe working heights or weights.
  • Keep within limits of the guard rail.
  • Aluminium conducts electricity. Do not use where electrical hazards exist.
  • Never use ladders or boxes on platforms to reach additional height.

Maintenance and storage

  • Inspect scaffold components before erection, discarding any damaged components.
  • Keep prefabricated platforms and scaffold clear of debris (eg plaster, concrete etc).
  • Store and transport scaffold neatly – avoid damage to scaffold in storage and transportation.